Bharata Natyam Contemporary

The contemporary interpretation of Indian dance deals with the extension of its forms, meaning contents and expressive variants. In the class we develop a completely new choreography with unexpected possibilities on the basis of a new piece of music. The technique of Indian dance remains clear and loyal to the classical style. Previous knowledge of Indian dance is essential for participating in this course.

Birthday party for kids

A dance-workshop as entertainment event

Who doesn’t know them: the exotic world of Indian dances with all their colors and sounds? Who has not always wanted to try on a sari, dance with ringing bracelets or learn a few steps to dance to Indian music?


Dance Fit – Fit and healthy through dance

Unique training with dance exercises to strengthen the body

Mondays 1:55 until 2:55 PM
Bullingerstrasse 63, 8004 Zürich

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This dance training is aimed both at trained dancers as well as participants who have no dance experience yet. The aim of the training is to strengthen the body through targeted exercises based on the findings of physiotherapeutic concepts. Dance movements help to build a healthy posture and better fitness. Any malpositions are remedied by competent care. Music and rhythm make the training for all dance lovers a sweaty lesson that is still fun. The aim of the training is to integrate the exercises independently into your dance work and in everyday life. The dance training is open for all age groups. Further details on request.