The joy of dancing

The Joy of Dancing

A few months ago, I saw the movie “Dancer” about the young ballet dancer Sergei Polunin. The film touched me deeply. I was on the stage at an early age too, just as Polunin. I can therefore relate very well to the emotions, the pressure and the forlornness of a dancer who’s growing up while performing his art. The film has also made me feel humble. How small and insignificant are my pain and despair, which I have experienced in my career, in contrast to this tragic story? The true tragedy of this biography was shown above all in a statement by Polunin towards the end of the film. He had forgotten why he actually danced, which is why he withdrew from the professional dance. He said, he discovers the joy of dancing only now that he no longer has a reason to dance.

Indian Dance for Children

Indian dance for children

All age groups starting at 3 years

Zurich (districts 3 and 4) and Unterengstringen


Hollow back

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The tendency of hyper lordosis in Bharata Natyam basic posture

A dancer can often be recognized in his or her daily life attitude. Trained dancers usually have an upright body posture, move gracefully around and thus radiate confidence. I agree, dance strengthens the back and helps in building an awareness of an upright body posture. In fact, there are even doctors nowadays who recommend dancing explicitly for improving one’s own posture.

Dance Fit – Fit and healthy through dance

Unique training with dance exercises to strengthen the body

Mondays 1:55 until 2:55 PM
Bullingerstrasse 63, 8004 Zürich

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This dance training is aimed both at trained dancers as well as participants who have no dance experience yet. The aim of the training is to strengthen the body through targeted exercises based on the findings of physiotherapeutic concepts. Dance movements help to build a healthy posture and better fitness. Any malpositions are remedied by competent care. Music and rhythm make the training for all dance lovers a sweaty lesson that is still fun. The aim of the training is to integrate the exercises independently into your dance work and in everyday life. The dance training is open for all age groups. Further details on request.

Children’s Dance Education and Bharata Natyam

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The dangerous game with fire

The way in which Bharata Natyam is taught in dance schools is sometimes a mystery to me. With the pretext of remaining faithful to the tradition, teachers follow a completely outdated dance pedagogy, which is quite deficient in some areas. The methods of teaching dance to children are also part of it. The deficiency is explained very easily: there are no methods. I am not talking about how to make the classes more playful, to shorten the duration of the lessons, not to overstrain them, or to explain the technical aspects of dance more visibly. I speak of real pedagogical and didactic foundations, of well-thought-out methods and techniques, with which the joy of dance, the health of the child’s body and a solid basis for an academic dance can be built up. This situation is so serious because it deals with the foundation of our artistic activity, namely our future dancers.

A question of style

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Thoughts on the rootedness of Bharata Natyam outside India

The current globalization and multimedia networking of art and artists challenges all the participants greatly, though it is at the same time very exciting. If I look into the internet I find at least a dozen of schools in my area, which offer courses in classical Indian dance.

Dance medicine and Bharata Natyam

There are certain deficiencies in the ways we teach and practise Bharata Natyam, which we need to address. A highly relevant one is how we follow - or rather ignore - anatomic and kinetic principles.
Often, solutions to problems which consequentially arise would be very simple and easy to implement into our current way of dancing.

My new blog

I’m extremely excited to finally starting my own blog and connecting here two of my most favourite activities: writing and Indian classical dance Bharata Natyam. I hope I’m able to reach as many Indian dancers and dance lovers as possible with my articles. I’m looking forward to exchanging my thoughts with you on topics, which are on my mind - and maybe also yours. At first I’ll mainly write about following topics: