Bharata Natyam Contemporary

The contemporary interpretation of Indian dance deals with the extension of its forms, meaning contents and expressive variants. In the class we develop a completely new choreography with unexpected possibilities on the basis of a new piece of music. The technique of Indian dance remains clear and loyal to the classical style. Previous knowledge of Indian dance is essential for participating in this course.

Expressiveness in Bharata Natyam

Ideal Nritta training

warm-up exercises using
stretch bands

How we use our body in dance is a topic which occupies my thoughts on and off. Especially in recent times, in which I’m intensely working on physical education and physical training. The feel for the moving body and the degree of how deeply her own body feeling is incorporated in the dancer, these are recurring issues in my daily work. I speak of “incorporated in”, because I’m convinced that this feeling for one’s own body can be thoroughly trained and strengthened using the right methods. Without this feel for the body, the dance is without esprit, without this feel for the body, the dancer does not seem authentic and remains without expression.

Birthday party for kids

A dance-workshop as entertainment event

Who doesn’t know them: the exotic world of Indian dances with all their colors and sounds? Who has not always wanted to try on a sari, dance with ringing bracelets or learn a few steps to dance to Indian music?