My new blog

I’m extremely excited to finally starting my own blog and connecting here two of my most favourite activities: writing and Indian classical dance Bharata Natyam. I hope I’m able to reach as many Indian dancers and dance lovers as possible with my articles. I’m looking forward to exchanging my thoughts with you on topics, which are on my mind – and maybe also yours. At first I’ll mainly write about following topics:

  • Dance medicine
  • Indian dance tradition and its methods
  • The Indian dance scene in Switzerland

These are all matters, which are very close to my heart. I’d love to find out which topics you are concerned about, so I might extend this list. I’m looking forward to many comments and inputs.




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Although dance is rather associated with female and not male dancers, I use in my blogs both sexes free of any ulterior motive and at my discretion.

Since this blog is meant to be accessible to anyone who is interested in it, I don’t use diacritical typing for Indian terms. Unless otherwise noted I use the English spelling for all of the specific terms.

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